Juki 360 Renovation

So a few weeks ago Nullspace Labs got an old pick’n’place and decided it was time for a renovation with much newer technology. Charliex and mmca for the past few weeks have been working non-stop on rebuilding this thing. It went from a busted old computer running CP/M with “ok” precision to a higher precision, computer control/vision machine which controls the pnp with an Arduino! Charliex’s blog explains the process it has gone through is great detail (it is a must read): http://charliex2.wordpress.com/tag/juki/

I have been fortunate to have had a small role in this project by drafting up/CADing some of the new parts designed by mmca for the machine!  Here are a few pictures from the Solidworks files for what is to come!


Here is a plate with an adjustable height where components are placed for the pnp to pick them up!



Here is the new head plate adding the capability of 360 component rotation, camera mount, and a pneumatic solder paste applier!


Also, go to Layerone 2012: layerone.org