Unlock and Backup your Ninja Tel phone

Disclaimer: I’m a n00b. My process was successful, so it must be really easy to do this 🙂

So if you are one of the lucky few to have been given a ninja phone (thanks ninjas!) this post may help you. I’ll go through the process I went through to unlock my bootloader and back up my phone.


Before you start, plug your ninja phone into your computer and put it into hard drive mode. Take all your photos out in case something goes wrong.


Fancy phone 🙂

Ok, first things first, here are two links that will help (thanks to davo for sending me these links):

1) This all-in-one tool will help you if you are a n00b like me: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1676686 Go there and download the HTC One V AIO Kit, and boot it up.

2) This is a link that will get you all the tools, roms, etc that you will ever need: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=27509958




0) Unpack the “One V 1.1.exe” and it’s data files from the first link, you should see this:


1) Select “1. Install HTC Drivers”, click “Go”.

2) Go to http://www.htcdev.com/ and register and account.

3) Click “Unlock Bootloader”, Select “All Other Supported Models”, then click “Begin Unlock Bootloader”, accept everything and get to page 3 where you have to input the Token, leave this window open.

4) Connect your ninja phone to the computer, and run the “One V 1.1.exe”

5)  Select “3. Get Token ID”, click “Go”. This will get the Token for you, right click on the cmd and select “mark” then select all of the token, this copies the token (instructions are given during the “Begin Unlock Bootloader” process).  Close the cmd.

6) Go to the htcdev site where you should have window open to page three, and paste in that tokin into the field, click “Submit”.

7) You will receive an email with the “Unlock_code.bin”, download and move that file into your data folder (/One_V_All-In-One_Kit_v1.1/Data/)

8 )  Run the “One V 1.1.exe”, Select “5. Unlock Bootloader”, click “Go”. Then select yes (select with volume button, press power to OK it) when prompted for unlocking the bootloader. You should see this:



9) This voids your warranty.. lol?

10) Congrats, you’re unlocked!


Onward to Backing up:

0) Reboot.

1) Put a microSD card inside

2) Open up “One V 1.1.exe”, Select “ClockWorkMod”, Click “Flash Recovery”. This will replace a part of the recovery partition on the phone allowing you to use the tool to recover the phone.

3) Once that’s done, the phone will automatically reboot. Mine froze up when rebooting, but after holding the power button and resetting it it was fine.

4) Open up “One V 1.1.exe”, Select “Boot into Recovery”, Click “Do Command”.

5) This will reboot the phone into recovery mode.

6) Look at the phone, the phone should have some options, select “Back up and restore”.

7)  Look at the phone, once that’s done, it will give you a “Reboot” option, select that.

8) You’re done! Everything is on the sd card now!


You can feel free to screw around with the phone now. I’m not responsible for any of you screw ups 😀

Happy hacking!



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