Simple Hexapod Project – Part 1

So aside from the hush hush projects, I’ve recently picked up a new project on the side that I can talk about 🙂

This project has been started at Nullspace Labs working along with charliex and mmca.


I’ve always wanted an army of loyal robots to follow me around.. what better than a 6 legged crawler!

The goal has been to create a new and simple hexapod design that can be easily laser cut and assembled in one night. Oddly enough I’ve been CAD and rebuilding one each night at NSL. The process from design, to cad, to laser cut and assembled can take about 4-5 hours.. which is just mind blowing fast.


Here’s a shot of the original design from CAD to real life prototype:



It’s crazy to see it come together so quickly.

Now, the prototypes design has several flaws.. For example the joints are very wobbly. So to help this I fit the servo mount into the acrylic body to make a tight fit. Then I brought the boards closer together to decrease the bending at the joints.



So with the design slightly improved I’m going to move on to making a much more sturdy base. The base is currently the most wobbly part. Once the base is fixed up I’ll be ready to add the electronics / servo controller. Lots to do, but I figured I’ll give a quick peak at one of the things I’ve been working on.


Gonna keep on prototyping.. more to come! I’ll post CAD files when the design isn’t changing every 5 minutes 🙂



New CAD:





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