So as the journey toward creating a HAB that you can accidentally breath in continues… I finally got HABEXpico4 working! Seeing how HABEX1 weighed 6.00lbs, HABEX2 weighed 4.00lbs, and HABEXpico1 weighed 250g, it’s pretty amazing to see HABEXpico4 around 12g with battery/insulation/antennas. So what happen to HABEXpico 2 and 3? HABEXpico2 was scrapped after the boards were made because it couldn’t be light enough or power efficient, and HABEXpico3 was small but not small enough and used software serial (very stupid). After messing around with the design, I realized it’s better to just merge the design with M0UPU‘s PAVA8 which used the real hardware serial ports. The only difference now is that my design uses a Si4464 which can transmit and receive data. Plus this means shared code! So any improvements software wise would help others. So huge thanks to M0UPU for his help in all this.

The boards were manufactured by Hackvana¬†who made an insanely good offer… $21 for 10 of these 0.8mm/white HAB pcbs! Totally recommend them for a good quality low cost PCB run.


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