[NSL] Nullspace Labs Gaming Night

For the past few weeks the Nullspace Labs hackerspace has been holding a gaming night every Thursday starting 8pm. The games range from some of the most modern games such as Starcraft II to some of the oldest games in existence such as Go. The first night was a great hit, we had a Starcraft II tournament resulting in much friendly yelling and exciting matches.


Interested in joining the NSL Gaming Night?

It’s simple, just show up! Bring your laptop, power brick, and game face.


Where: Nullspace Labs in Downtown Los Angeles (3rd Floor): http://g.co/maps/tst36

When: Every Thursday

About NSL: http://032.la/



First game of Go for the night ended up becoming a “How to play Go” match. As you can see, the player with the black stones is in quite some trouble.



Starcraft II matches taking place





Game of Cosmic Encounters going on


A seriously intense game of Mouse Trap!





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